well this is strange... 05-12-06 02:07
i often find that i want to confide to someone. i want to keep a journal that no one sees.

i want everyone to know a secret about me that no one else knows.

i want to get something off my chest but cant tell anyone.

i want to do something besides botttle it up

in this journal i will post something i have never told anyone. not a soul. i hoped to post the password and let others do the same here. a group journal if you will, but remberd that the password i used to set it up was not generic, and if you knew it could most likely figure out whos password it was. untill they get password changing back i guess i will be doing this solo for a while...

the only reason i am mean to my freinds is becase i have seen so many assholes in my life with more freinds than i
my secret 05-12-06 02:05
i have been in love with a girl for 4 years that i am "freinds" with i have been in a relationship with somone else, for well over 2 of them...